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Combos & Patterns - CA Super Lotto Plus thru 11/14/2012

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The KEY ingredient is Combos & Patterns
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Posted: November 15, 2012, 4:59 pm - IP Logged

To view/download combinations and patterns found in the California Super Lotto Plus game - Go To -  https://www.box.com/s/k9cmqdcflbx2e1ngji5l

Please advise of any questions and/or problems.

Good Luck & Best Wishes To ALL.......................................

I also posted this game on my Blog with the other games showing Combos & Patterns.

Sorry I got alittle behind in updating the files.  All should be updated by the first of next week.  I was on the USS Enterprise on their 2012 Tiger Cruise.  It was an awesome 2 days out at sea.  It was well worth the time & money spent to get there & back.  Took a Flight to FL to meet up with the carrier, spent 2 days at sea on the carrier to VA,  lots of activity on the ship, spent a few days with Family & returned to IL this past Thursday.  The USS Enterprise is being decommission on 12/01/12.  Spent the last two days of her 25th deployment before she hit her home port.  I now know what it feels like sleeping in coffin 2ft wide, 2ft high, 6ft long.  Glad to get back to my CA King Sleeping Number bed.  Met someone from CA who said he needed some help with the Lotto there.  Told him I would do a workup on the CA Super Lotto Plus & will be sending him the file mentioned above.

P.S.  I did take my "Lottery Post" baseball cap with me on the trip.  FYI - The USS Enterprise CVN 65, an aircraft carrier,  was used in the movie "Top Gun" with Tom Cruise.