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12-21-12 (friday) NYpic3, NJpic3, CTpic3

Topic closed. 4 replies. Last post 4 years ago by Todd.

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December 20, 2012
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Posted: December 21, 2012, 7:39 pm - IP Logged

Hey whats up guys? How is everyone's Friday treating yall?  I am here to let yall know what i banked on this EVE for NY pic3 & last3 digit of pic4

just incase i lose VERY BADLY. and i somehow end up "dead" atleast yall know what led to my death eh ? lol..

(419) 1--BOX

(521) 1--BOX

(538) 1--BOX

(296) 3-- BOX

(929) 20--STR8/20--BOX


TOTAL = $92

I played the most on (929) only because i had a spiritual hunch. *sighs* and i did not even bother to check NY pic4 this morning.. (2919) & i feel very uncomfortable because i know NY-LOttery is KNOWN for their cheap tricks & switches, so i feel very unedged by noticing that AFTER i came back from plugging in my #'s for FRIDAY-EVE ... so i do not know.

Okay so i have these #'s running for NJ & CT parallel as we speak, here what i went with.


i played all of them 40centsSTR8/60centsBOX ..


on Wed. EVE i Hit that 300 NY on 50centsBOX & won $115. Thurs EVE i Hit that 358 EXACT, with 50centsSTR8/1--BOX & won $466.

chances are if i Win especially on that (929) 20--STR8/20--BOX? i can only imagine!



*sighs* dayum i lost HARD AS FVCK !!!!!!!

i lost hard !!!!!!!! dayum, that is Cvnt 5hit !!!

NYpic3 was (838)

NYpic4 (7272)

boooyyy i am Crying!!! *sighs* .... !!!

    Member #136854
    December 20, 2012
    208 Posts
    Posted: December 21, 2012, 7:41 pm - IP Logged

    Welp...  all i have left is NJ & CT .. soo i hope they dont Hoe me out.. because dayum, i just lost 92$ cold hard !

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      May 29, 2008
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      Posted: December 21, 2012, 7:49 pm - IP Logged

      why have you singled out those 3 states?...is your methodology consistent with those states or something else?

      "No matter how bad things may get, I'd like to thank my middle finger

      for always sticking up for me.."


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        December 20, 2012
        208 Posts
        Posted: December 21, 2012, 7:56 pm - IP Logged

        I have a friend in NJ & another 1 in CT, & they like to play #'s too. so what we all do is play each others #'s in our town just incase they win HERE & not There & vice versa if i win over there and not here. and when we win ? we work out a lil split and help save $$ ...

        VERY VERY tactical strategy.. so yeh guys.. Get yourselves some Penpals and help make $$..

        the split is 70/30..

        since it is MY #'s? i get the 70%. but they get the 30% for playing & using their $ IF somehow expenses occur, they will cover you.

        MOST OF the numbers i just Wrote down must have HIT somewhere, i wont be surprised if FL,PA,VA,OH,TX,LOU,LA, etc hit my #'s this EVE.

        that is why i always post what i play because whatever i have may look good enough for some of yall to play & chances are, while i LOST?

        the guy who low-key stole my #'s & played them Won in his town. so it can work like that too..


        Welp. im off to make my Saturday #'s..

        i will play that (528)(578)(278)(527)(787)(878)(847)(658)

        just keep a lookout on those 5's,6's,7's & 8.. chances are they are doubling either the 7 or 8.. since i live in NY ?

        NY FAVORITE # IS 8. and they will even play a darn (888) if they have too... so make sure u play them par-lay.

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          May 31, 2000
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          Posted: December 21, 2012, 8:18 pm - IP Logged

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          Also, please do not post foul language here.


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