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A Piece of Advice For Playing Pick 4 (and Pick 3)

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Posted: January 22, 2013, 2:15 pm - IP Logged

Note: This is the same information I posted in Louisiana Pick 4 On a Budget thread!


A Piece of Advice for Playing Pick 4:

How To Use Information on This and Other Threads

  • Do your own workups.  Lakerben has developed an excellent strategy using cube roots.  This is the way I've come to understand it.
    • Look at the Cubes of Numbers 0-9
    • 11

      Take the first 3 numbers of the latest draw number and add the cubes.  Last night's draw for LA was 1021 so we'll need the cubes of 1-0-2 (refer to the chart above)Do not use lottery math.  That means you have to carry!

1 =     1

0 =     0

2 =     8_


Now add 222 to each sum until you have at least 12 sets.  Of course you can add 222 until you get as many sets as you'd like.

  • Now that you have a workup that you can use, start comparing your sets to others from LP members you trust.  The first 4 sets are triads to consider.
    • Take for instance, in my post predictions I have 2591 as a possible combo.  Set number 11 in this workup produced 2451.  The first triad 231 also shows promise because it is one of the triads I listed.  If I could only afford to play a few numbers, I'd put my money on these two and possibly one using the triad.
  • Maintain a journal to keep up with each drawing and all of your workups.  You will find this to be one of the best reference tools you'll have at your disposal.
  • Learn about VTRACs.  If you don't know what they are and how they work, educate yourself.  You can use the search function here on LP and find tons of information.  No matter what some people might tell you, VTRACs do often play a part into which numbers will come and when.  They can even sometimes help you determine positioning which makes all the difference between winning a straight pay or a boxed one.
  • Don't expect to hit every time.  No one hits all the time.  Sometimes your strategies will work; sometimes they won't.  The idea is that you can play fewer numbers and/or with greater success.
  • Use the predictions and advice of others only as a reference.  When it is all said and done, the final decision on which numbers to play is entirely up to you.  It's your money so select wisely.
  • Reserve play until you feel more confident than at other times.  Sometimes you might see something in the VTRACs or draw history that makes you confident that a certain number might be coming.  These are the best scenarios and therefore the best times to play.  You confirm your hunches based off the predictions of other LP members whose judgements you trust.
  • Trust your instincts.  The advice of others is just another remarkable tool, but it cannot make up for what you feel in your gut.
  • Finally, the best advice I or anyone can give is to put in the work.  In your spare time, make yourself a student of the lottery.  Dig up all the information you can and write it down in your journal.  I guarantee that you'll be amazed at the amazing things you'll figure out all on your own.  Then you'll be able to share what you know with others.

This advice is great for Pick 3 too!  Best of luck to you all and many, many blessings!

Let your life serve as a blessing to others! 

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