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Would you still play Mega Millions if your state lottery's jackpot was bigger?

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January 28, 2013
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Posted: February 10, 2013, 7:35 pm - IP Logged

I play games with the better odds.

I used to play MO Lotto for many years, refusing to mess with MM or PB.  After thinking that it is time to change games, because I felt like I wasn't even winning enough smaller stuff with MO Lotto, I decided to cross the state line to try Hot Lotto (since it is not offered in MO).  I hate the fact that it is a computer drawing (so was MO Lotto), but I still refuse to play MM or PB because of the ridiculously high odds (and I don't want that much anyway).  I do like that when I win, I can collect anonymously in KS.

I'm kinda thinking I should play Kansas Super Cash, another 5+1 game, with even better odds ... at least when the jackpot gets pretty high.  That game starts at only $100,000.  I have usually been thinking that I want to play for a chance of retirement ... but maybe I should shoot for lower wins, and hope for more of them, which is my typical strategy at the casinos.

I'm pretty sure I'll at least try KS Super Cash after the Hot Lotto game changes in May ... adding more white balls, making the odds of winning higher ... GRRRRR!!!