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Doubles! Doubles! and distinct triggers!

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Posted: February 27, 2013, 5:00 pm - IP Logged

Playing doubles is a tricky situation, with this chart, is more of waging strategy than a system. I have always said predictions based on historical data is flawed  when dealing with  random events. I  like the approach of sectionalized pool , meaning we select a section of  pool when waging.This approach may draw critics to site  all theories of probability laws, forgeting probabilty is a fluid concept on  MOMENTARY DATA. Is best to take the odds/probabilty relating to the pool (0-9) out of the picture and focus on  Momentary odds.   I decide to to put this thought in a simple handy chart, where you can wage doubles and distinct sets, but much depends on  WAGING strategy and most important your intuition!, remember the computer   does not have this human aspect, so why do you delegate almost everything to it!

triggerdouble picksPair picks
  00                 88-11                                     81
  11     99-55 95                                             
  22     99-00       90
  33     88-11 81
  44     88-66 86
  55     33-11 31
  66     77-99 79
  77     66-55 65
  88     22-33 23
  99     55-00 50

Using Data: Stats for doubles is low(P3) compare to draw set 123, so before using this chart, look for double trends, you may glance your last 5,10 draws. Doubles comes in clusters, so be pro-active when you see the trend. What this chart does is,  you don't have to wait to  for this clusters, a double gives you a  PAIR to wage.

Playing Pairs:swap pair positions eg 1,2  becomes 12x and 21x. Now be consistent with x if on strict budget and want to hit a str8 payout, I usually choose 0,1,2 or set my x limit to highest digit in a Pair, for eg if my pair is  5,0

my limit of x is 5 and my picks are 500-501-502-503-504-505(Swap is optional, you can increase your bet amt if wage only box). I not going to use any particular data for testing, you can try it and see how it works for your State.


Ideals are always welcome, Blant Critique would not be constructive!

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    Posted: February 27, 2013, 5:04 pm - IP Logged