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The magic of lucky numbers.

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April 22, 2013
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Posted: April 22, 2013, 3:48 pm - IP Logged

The best “system” to beat a casino in his days has shown Smoke Bellew in the Jack London’s novel of the same name. He has just noticed that one of the gambling table’s corners that was closer to the chimney has cracked. As a result, there appeared some regularities in the stochastic motion of the roulette wheel. Naturally, that rule did not apply to the other tables of the club in Dawson. As well as general rules may not apply to such a specific territory as drawings.

Nonetheless, many lottery players try to apply different systems and methods, hoping that it will bring them luck. By the way, it is not so stupid. The luck exists and everybody knows it by example of people to whom it is favourable. In addition, because mathematical calculations and laws of physics do not confirm the Fortune, it, however, does not prove its inexistence.

Many players try to buy lottery tickets on their “lucky days”. For example, on their birthdays, on their children’s birthdays, etc.

By the way, there is a reverse motivation. Buying lottery tickets on unlucky days. There is an army saying in  Russian: a bomb won’t fall into the same shell-hole twice.

A part of people gives preference to number 8. If put on aside, itmeans infinity”. Which, for some reason, is considered as a sign of luck.

Let’s go on with birthday topic, as the fortune seekers link the most of their expectationswith it. We will consider  the  option  of  calculating lucky numbers, by example, of the following date of birth 11.10.1974.

According to the laws  of  numerology, calculation  of  any  lucky  number  by  the  date  of  birth  is  made  until  single  number is reached, which is main, and the numbers generated by the main one will be additional.


1) 1+1=2

2) 1+0=1

3) 1+9+7+4=21=2+1=3

The last operationisthe addition of all results, and it generates the main lucky number for that date:

4) 2+1+3=6

We have obtained number 6 and additional numbers 1, 2, 3, 21 and their possible combinations. Maybe buying a Crowdluck  ticket on the dates associated with that numbers will bring you luck.

There is one more interesting theory: the theory of attraction. From the very childhood, we were told that if you want something very much, it will certainly come true. Print the picture with the house from website, or the laptop logo. Hang it near your worktable. Then always imagine yourself in the role of a happy owner of the desired thing. The oriental sages said that the true essence of happiness is in its expectation. Which has to cause joyful  feelings  and  pleasant anticipations. After all, nobody  may  take away from you those  positive emotions received during  that  time.

Play and win!