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Georgia Cash 4 Oddity (not really I guess, just interesting)

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Posted: July 10, 2013, 4:09 am - IP Logged

In the middle of developing some software for Pick3 and Pick4 and just got it coded to combine the Midday and Evening draws into a combined file for analysis and saw the following:


The 07/07/2013 drawing last had the number hit as a box hit 201 draws ago.  Then on 07/08/2013 the midday draw also had last box hit 201 draws ago.  I thought it was interesting.

The median for a box hit is 410.  The median is calculated over the last 100 draws.  So what this means is 50 draws had the number hit as box hit below 410 and 50 times the number last hit as a box over 410 draws ago.  When in doubt about what to play for the next draw then play the last box hits 25-30 below the median.  In this example if you have no other indicators play the box numbers from say draw 385-395 back.

More to come as I work more on the software.