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MD PK4 (23) pair is HOT!

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Posted: August 2, 2013, 3:32 pm - IP Logged

Hi all!This is such a very informative and fun site.New here and stoked that I joined.

7/8/13-3523N            7/22/13-3324N       7/31/13-8203M
7/15/13-3235N          7/24/13-3296M      8/2/13-3662M
7/17/13-2703N          7/24/13-2343N
7/19/13-2583N          7/26/13-3267M
7/21/13-7273M         7/27/13-2723N
7/22/13-3268M         7/29/13-2873M

HOT AS JULY! This pair hit today 3662 compare with your workouts.
It also hit twice on the twenty-second and twenty-sixth of July.
Today is the second!Let me know what you think.