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Beyond Our Imagination

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August 1, 2013
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Posted: August 5, 2013, 3:47 pm - IP Logged

I was a member of this site a few years ago..then left for awhile and now that I have had some very unusual experiences I have decided it's time to share my story...first off I am glad to have come back to lottery post...right about now I need this site to help me cope with all my near misses and phenomenum that has been happening for quite a few years now...my most recent two "EVENTS" happened on june 5, 2013 and last july 2012...I have been playing the lottery since 1989..I have come so close so many times it is beyond belief...whats even weirder is I have had winning tickets in my posession that became lost or misplaced and the time ran out before I could ever locate the ticket...this has happened some time back 2000, 2003, 2004  when I had 5 numbers on mega millions (twice) and misplaced the tickets...then in 2004 I had a cash 5 computer pick ticket worth $100,000 that got misplaced when we were moving to another house and it got mixed up with the boxes of contents of papers, etc...to say I have been made severely and physically sick several times because of this would be putting it lightly....However I just try to endure and find a way to figure out what my guardian angel must be trying to help me with. Now to go back to june 5th 2013..I went out to the store and played cash 5 that day....It was on a wednesday and powerball was also being drawn that night...I wnt back later that night and got some powerball tickets $6.00 worth...I thought for a moment to play the night drawing of the cash 5 as I normally do...but I didnt because i didnt have anymore cash on me..so I didnt play cash 5 for the night drawing...low and behold while checking the numbers online the next day I discovered that all 5 of the numbers that I had personally picked had come in....5,7,12,19,28  I had placed a .50 wager on the card along with some other numbers so you get more chances for a little less money that way...so I missed out on $50,000....hmmmm you say well in July of 2012 I was playing cash 5 and missed out again on $50,000 with almost the exact same numers..5,7,12,19,27...Now these numbers I picked myself both times..they coincide with the date of my mothers death 12/19/2002 and the 5,7 comes from the year of my birth, my mothers birthday was on the 28th, my grnadmothers death occurred on 7/27/1950...these numbers strangely coming together that I personally picked almost back to back a year apart is telling me something wouldnt you agree?  Now I will post another set of circumstances on the Powerball in another post later on, but I would like for anyone to share their comments or experiences with me if they have ever had anything similar to this happening to them...I seem destined for great things with the lottery it seems...but after playing the lottery for 24 years you would think I would have at least hit a substantial prize by now...yet the most I have ever won is a few hundred dollars..and I am way IN for more than that....No Nod