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Here go's a pick/4 w/o that i hope it could be some help

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Posted: August 17, 2013, 11:16 pm - IP Logged

I don't play pick/4......but i like to pass this on it has been under my bed in a box for sometimes.I don't know if this w/o have been tryed on here,but anyway good luck with it.....................

Step Number One: Write down the latest winning Pick-Four numbers.

Below is an actual winner:


Step Number Two: isolate the low number.In this case it is 0.Add one.You play#1.

Step Three: isolate the high number.In this case it is 8. Subtract one. You play #7.

The two middle numbers in this case are 6 and the remaining 8. The median is seven. Add and subtract one to 7. You play 6,7,8.

That gives you five numbers to play: 1,7,6,7,8.

Since you can only pick four numbers,please box all five so that any combination wins.

Box these numbers four consecutive times.If you do not win,abandon them and make another selection.