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Pick3 overlooked stats,misguided filters.CLOSED

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Posted: August 25, 2013, 3:40 pm - IP Logged

“Big hits come from a good start.”


For Pick 3, start by facing that 1000 set chart.


Let’s start by slowly breaking those weak points rationally so that we may come to a point in which I call a glory hole for that 1000 monster. 


-SUM total – 10 to 19

-Order of Digits:








-Set key

3 Digit series(most recent longest running ….)


-set your Width

Take past 20 draws (play those difference and drop down those that did not show)

Lowest to middle Difference

Lowest to Highest Difference

Middle to Highest Difference





-Pick which team are you.

Say what now?

Decide whether the next hit would be Consecutives or the NON-consec….(kudos to Win  D)

------Brief statement: Cons vs Non Cons – Average skip 2 draws.


And lastly….. sorry folks.


-No doubles and trips.


Having those few “constant”  things DONE and you’ll likely be facing  roughly a 100 set of straight numbers. (Our Glory Hole)……


-I say constant due to that fact those patterns said above are constant patterns that RARELY change.



-Why not include these….




In – Outs

High – Lows


-Due to the fact that these boys are not patterns.They are not meant to be first batch filters.They can shift point A to point B on a frequent basis losing you in its way.

-These are the big guns and should be played with a few ranges of exact numbers that is more likely to be drawn next draw.


-That is the reason why we had that 90% strip off firstly done without making any mistakes.

-So we have our (roughly/ 100 – 120 straights specifically 100 straights more or less depends on your past 20 draws width)   100 straights.. What now…


- Then these boys will do the rest




In – Outs

High – Lows


-Guess these boys right and those straight hits will be kissing your butt cheeks with a fully loaded bet.


Stats usually overlooked:


1 common Vtrac stringing every draw depends states past draws


Sum – 10 -19


LMH – 7.69 %

LHM - 7.69 %

MLH - 7.69 %

MHL - 7.69 %

HLM - 7.69 %

HML - 7.69 %



Lowest to middle Difference –chances to repeat of past

10 draws 77% - for the “BELIEVERS”

20 draws 89%  - constant

30 draws  91% - playing safe “ aint getting  you nowhere”


Lowest to Highest Difference –chances to repeat of past

10 draws 70% - for the “BELIEVERS”

20 draws 87% - constant

30 draws 91% - playing safe “ aint getting  you nowhere”


Middle to Highest Difference –chances to repeat of past

10 draws 77% - for the “BELIEVERS”

20 draws 88% - constant

30 draws 92% - playing safe “ aint getting  you nowhere”


Same goes to XX_ , _XX, X_X widths







Were done here. Don’t bully pick3Chair

Moving up. Pick 4 stats hunting








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    Posted: August 25, 2013, 4:37 pm - IP Logged

    Hey maxx!! Good luck to you!