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LittleOldLady LP Member In Need Of Prayer

Topic closed. 73 replies. Last post 5 years ago by Nikkicute.

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September 10, 2013
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Posted: September 12, 2013, 5:43 pm - IP Logged

God got you hang in there blessing to you

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    June 29, 2011
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    Posted: September 12, 2013, 5:50 pm - IP Logged

    It is called the "Jesus Prayer", and it consists simply in uttering  the single word "Jesus" (or "Lord Jesus", or "Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on  me, a sinner") in any situation, at any time and place, either aloud or silently.

    LittleoldLady, you are in my prayers...

    I Agree!

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      August 9, 2006
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      Posted: September 12, 2013, 5:54 pm - IP Logged


      May the Heavenly Father ease any pain or suffering you may have, and I pray that he strengthens you and your family.

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        April 16, 2005
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        Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:13 pm - IP Logged

        LittleOldLady, may God bless and strengthen you in your time of need. We pray for your complete recovery.


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          May 21, 2007
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          Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:17 pm - IP Logged

          Type prayers included

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            May 30, 2004
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            Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:20 pm - IP Logged

            Prayers on the way.  I believe in God's miracles.   Hang in there   Blue Angel



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              January 15, 2011
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              Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:21 pm - IP Logged
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              Posted: Today, 10:34 am - IP LoggedReplyFavorites

              I am tired.  I know most of you guys just think this is the only thing I do but its not.  I went to Nashville to the hospital again yesterday and I start my chemo again the week after next.  My prognosis is not good but it isn't bad.  I have been told that I have a year or so left.  I am not sad.  I will catch my stuff up and post for this evening.  Don't cry for me, cry for the people who will miss me.  Prayers are always welcome.     

              Posters are not forever...     



              Littleoldlady, I will keep you in my prayers. Doctor's do give prognosis. [GOD| gives the healings and Devine Solutions; Blue Angel

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                Spotsylvania, Virginia
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                July 14, 2011
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                Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:24 pm - IP Logged

                Sending love and light to you little and sorry to hear about your health. I will put you in my prayers as well, in his name Amen. Blue Angel

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                  May 30, 2004
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                  Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:34 pm - IP Logged

                  Littleoldlady, I will keep you in my prayers. Doctor's do give prognosis. [GOD| gives the healings and Devine Solutions; Blue Angel




                  PLEASE>^> PRAY>>>^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!


                                     {we Love You}


                    United States
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                    December 12, 2007
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                    Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:54 pm - IP Logged

                    I am sad to hear and will keep you my prayers. Remember God said he would not put more on you than you can Bear..........Shwells

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                      Jacksonville Florida
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                      October 6, 2005
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                      Posted: September 12, 2013, 6:57 pm - IP Logged

                      "There are an astounding number of people walking around today that were given 6 months or a year to live ... and they were told that a decade or two ago..."

                      Prayers coming your way!

                        elkton, maryland
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                        January 18, 2010
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                        Posted: September 12, 2013, 7:05 pm - IP Logged

                        God is good and he is in the healing business. I pray that he will bless you with his healing power.Blue Angel

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                          January 17, 2006
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                          Posted: September 12, 2013, 7:09 pm - IP Logged


                          Excellent post above, duckman.

                          Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any.


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                            Eugene Oregan
                            United States
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                            May 29, 2012
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                            Posted: September 12, 2013, 7:14 pm - IP Logged

                            Please know the time we all have here is not certain.  But God has forever and that is his promise, i will pray for the lord to heal you.  God bless dld.

                              Republic of Texas
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                              January 9, 2008
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                              Posted: September 12, 2013, 10:30 pm - IP Logged

                              Praying for you Littleoldlady ~

                              O great St. Peregrine, you have been called "The Mighty," "The Wonder-Worker," because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who have had recourse to you. For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being, and who had recourse to the source of all grace when the power of man could do no more. You were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from His Cross to heal your affliction. Ask of God and Our Lady, the cure of the sick whom we entrust to you.



                              Aided in this way by your powerful intercession, we shall sing to God, now and for all eternity, a song of gratitude for His great goodness and mercy. Amen.


                              Believe in the power of prayer