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My deepest sympathy to the 533...

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October 14, 2013
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Posted: October 14, 2013, 2:54 pm - IP Logged

...players who actually managed to get 5 numbers out of the 6 right in the latest Lotto draw (12/10/13), which will probably never happen to them again. Maybe I should congratulate them on winning £656. But if anyone calls that any kind of "compensation", they must be unaware of what these players would've won had they played Lotto Hotpicks instead. For exactly the same result, 5 numbers out of 6, you get £130.000. Slight difference there. Never mind that the chances of winning that are also 7 times better than of 5+1 on the Lotto, which paid a massive £17.611 per winner on Wednesday (09/10/13). Even hitting 4 Hotpicks numbers pays £7000, with over 160 times better chance than 5+1 and 4 times better chance than 5 (£656) on the Lotto. Yes, what it boils down to is, you pay twice the amount for a line, have quarter the chance, and if you do win, you get less than 1/10 the amount. I generally feel sorry for all those millions who drastically decrease their chances of winning many high prizes for an almost-0 chance of winning the jackpot. Especially since for the cost of 1 line on the Lotto you get 2 lines on the Hotpick. Playing 2 pick 5's or a pick 5 and a pick 4 would yield much better results for much more people than wasting money on Lotto. Trading that for negligible chances on Lotto jackpot and raffle doesn't seem to make much sense to me. Hope these 533 players, and many more will think again about their playing habits. How unlikely do they have to make the winning of a jackpot for people not to play?? See Euromillions for example. 116 million to 1? Seriously? Would people pay my lottery if I offered £1 billion, with chances of winning of 500 billion to 1?? You guys need to start thinking more realistically, or keep playing the Lotto and not be surprised whan you've lost hundreds in a few months' time. At least on Hotpicks you win half your money back on picks 1-3 on the long run, or play pick 4 or 5 and hope to win sooner rather than later. Better than having the realistic chance of hitting 4 on the Lotto once in a lifetime just to get paid under £100, when you've spent over £1000 on tickets. Sorry, £2000 now, with the all-new Lotto, where, besides £2 a line, payouts for winners of 5 and 5+1 have decreased compared to the old Lotto, they just forget to add this when they say bigger jackpot and raffle. Can't wait to see these bigger jackpots. With the number of people that stopped playing "double price Lotto", who's gonna finance the Jackpots now then? Camelot claiming past moneys back from charities?