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Calling all newbies that wanna win.

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April 9, 2013
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Posted: October 22, 2013, 7:05 pm - IP Logged




My advice is to play online. Where they pay more....

even me feeling like I'm top 10 pick4 player in world here are a few suggestions......

my first few wins in pick4 came from simple wheeling...

wheeling is taking digits and if the winning digits are in your chosen digits you win...

example I choose 6 digits   It wheels into 15 lines...  So say I choose 1,3,5,7,4,6

amd 4720 plays. We lose. But if 1653 plays we win .... Because all digits are in our chosen...

you can wheel 5 for 4 lines. Wheel 6 for 15 lines. Wheel 7 for 35 lines. Wheel 8 for 56 lines 

so forth.....

Key digit strategy is choosing 1 digit you think will be in winning draw.  If it plays you win...

each key digit requires playing 84 lines.   So say you choose key digits 0.  And any number with 0 plays. You win. But if 1357 play. You loose...


anatomy of a winning number. 

Sums 10-28

key digits 4,5,6,7

balanced.  No all high. No all low. No all odd no all even digits. 


This may be already posted. But if it can help 1 person win congrats. 

 Any questions