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November 1st 2013 Cash 3 Numbers

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Posted: November 1, 2013, 8:58 am - IP Logged

The Hierophant
Card Number 5

Tarot Meaning of The Number Five Card:
The Hierophant in a reading represents a spiritual advisor, a teacher of faith for the spiritual or mystical path that we choose to take in this lifetime. He is reminding us to get back in touch with our roots and follow our own spiritual path no matter where it leads. Spiritual work is important during this period in your life, listen to meditation music and reconnect with your spiritual side.
Astrological Meaning:
Mercury- Gemini- Virgo and the natural ruler of the third and sixth house. Mercury rules communication and information, The hierophant represents mercury bringing the messages from the spiritual or mystical plane. Sometime the Virgo side of him may
show bringing a lot of detail to the conversations. He can be very intelligent with his words.

The Lovers
Card Number 6

Tarot Meaning of The Number Six Card:
The Lovers card in a reading represents relationships of all kinds with Venus ruling both the natal second and seventh house. Partnerships can become more inspiring and can deepen into a more solid foundation. In business partnerships you may be working with people that can help you to make the right choices for your future.
Astrological Meaning:
Venus- Taurus and the natural ruler to the second and seventh houses. Venus is the natural ruler of the seventh house of partnerships, Venus wants to bring love, stability and fulfillment to any relationship she touch’s upon. When this card is pulled in a reading it is guiding you to make choices in your life that will bring more harmony to your relationships.

The High Priestess 
Card Number 2

Tarot Meaning of The Number Two Card:
The High Priestess in a reading represents the mysteries the universe has to offer, or the mystical realm. Information you had hidden deep within will come to light with your intuitive thoughts and sometimes in your dreams. Trust your intuition at this time as your guides are pointing you in the right direction. The High Priestess is considered a lucky card in a reading.
Astrological Meaning:
Pluto – Scorpio and the natural ruler of the eighth house represents death and rebirth, things hidden, intuitive abilities, Looking into ones past lives can help destructive patterns be transformed into more positive patterns and in turn breaking away from what has been hidden deep within your subconscious. It can also bring about more intuitive abilities once you have cleared the path and opened your mind to what can be.

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    Posted: November 1, 2013, 12:40 pm - IP Logged

    Thank You. I Love this