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these numbers are just not making sense anymore lucky was working for the lotteries commision

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Posted: November 11, 2013, 8:22 pm - IP Logged

hello to all as i have been watching these numbers that are fallen in the different states and they are not making any sense at all as un related balls fallen from no were that has no play to the system of numbers that are fallen and then there is a big delay in the balls sometimes like up to four days the follow up number does not come it is crazy as i never seen it this bad before then there is states that is computerize machines so you just can predict a ball and they throw what they feel like

i also think that lucky all states pick of the day was working for the united states of america lottery system and commision and blind shame the world  as when he posted the numbers was fallen like crazy and coming i think the lottery was losing a good amount of pay outs now that he stop posting gone into retirement there is no pattern to follow i even see that they remove his blog from lottery post so you can go into previous years and see his work i think that is pure bul_hit what lottery post and all involved is doing as i been playing numbers for years and i cant tell you the last time i went on a four and five day roll of just winning numbers

this is food for thought and to wake up people the system is not for us any more and lotterypost has lost a lot of its poster as i was one of them from back in the day i had numbers on point but since then i have change my profile name but people out there know who i am if i go back to say who i am sad that the system wont even break for a few days