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Bizarre true story 361

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Posted: November 13, 2013, 11:16 pm - IP Logged

Standing at the counter waiting for my numbers to print and all of the sudden this lady comes out of now where and yell"merry christmas and happy new year"

She goes on tho say"now you tell him"referring to me telling the cashier Merry Christmas.

I glanced at her and out of futration said no......

She yelled "tell him now"...

Okay sorry for a long story ,but it goes downhill from here.

The clerk out of fustration and the whole chaotic scene,gave me back half of my play slips and goes"the machine did not process these numbers..

Now ,Im standing in line diggig through my pockets looking for my cash to pay the clerk for the portion of my tickets that printed out-about 1\3 of my playslips

this lady yelling merry christmas,are you playnging 9 million numbers,I dash over to the atm admist all this chaos.and guess what.the darn atm is out of order.I promptly departed the store.

Long story short,I played my numbers at another store and one of the numbers I played straight 631 came out boxed.

Does this relate to anything in the mystic world? 

Thanks in advance


Praise the Lord...

Lets win some money Folks!!!