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Pick 3 betting strategy chat

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August 10, 2013
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Posted: November 25, 2013, 12:21 am - IP Logged

A few of my thoughts and how i do it ...i send this to a good member form LP and i thought about posting it as well.let me know what you all think and you do it 

BETTING STRATEGY IS basically another type of pick 3 game ...there is the numbers selction/and  best to select no more then 10 /then is the betting strategy which is a bitch /// I missed so many straights becouse i was cheap ..i couught a few good ones too...there area few levels like-first say from begining if you  start with 200 $ then using really  good betting-i am still researching whats better -playing a few numbers wheeled or 2 number many times straight for 3-4 variables out of the 6 total in case of singles. So with the betting -first say from begining if you  start with 200$ make that into 500-then 2000 then 5grand , then 15 ,then 50.000. then 150g's then it gets easier  to make a lot more mulah ...But the most important to MAKE THE TRANSITION is to ALWAYS HAVE FEW SETS OF NUMBERS=LESS THEN 10 AT ALL TIMES.