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Maximizing a Megamillions or Powerball Jackpot

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Posted: November 25, 2013, 10:43 pm - IP Logged

Random number generators, wheels, gadgets, books, software, astrology, birthdays and mathematics are some of the ways used to play the lottery.  If one were to win a Megamillions or Powerball Jackpot they might have to split the jackpot many ways depending on the method of play.  Surely with millions of players worldwide using different methods of play any you read about on the internet, in a book, from a friend, or make up yourself is possibly being duplicated by many others.

Lets take a fictional example.  Say in Powerball since the last matrix change the 5 white balls that have come out of the hopper the least were 5, 12, 26, 31, & 39 with the least drawn powerball of 18.  We can only quess the thousands of players who unsuspectedly use numbers like this each draw.  Even if they won this way i doubt after the winning players split the jackpot & taxes are withheld one could even buy a used car.  Some mathematical players think they are being clever using pseudo-random string numbers based on say "Pi" but surely many others are thinking along those lines as well.

Even "random number generators" is pseudo-random which is based off of any particular algorithm that any number of others could be using around the internet.  Even the generated numbers for a MegaMillions or Powerball quick pick have seen players get duplication on the same ticket.  These glitches in the system could have us playing numbers on a quick pick that we unknowing were sharing with thousands of other players on any particular draw.

How do we get a lottery system set of numbers or quick pick set of numbers for MegaMillions or Powerball that isn't being duplicated by many others at the same time?  How do you go from randomness to predictability without multiple duplication?  How about the best route to true randomness?

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    Posted: November 26, 2013, 12:14 am - IP Logged

    You obviouslynever ran a random number generator with a different seed number each run or with a randomize feature if you use the same seed number and compared the list generated with a list generated earlier.  It's almost impossible to come close to duplicating a list, at least I've never been able to do it.

    You can test this using the LP quick pick generator or write one of your own that can generate even longer lists.

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      Posted: November 26, 2013, 5:44 am - IP Logged