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Parallels System

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Posted: November 27, 2013, 7:39 pm - IP Logged

In Parralels system I take a ruler and place it over the list of previous winning combinations. Sometimes I use combinations from the line below, only on  another column. Cash 3 FL has the list. So, I look at the 2nd, for example, column. I take those 3 numbers, make them into pairs, flip them, play back and front pairs, and in case identicals come up, make identical pairs as well. Alltogether 15 tickets. I can use third column, it works as well. Every day those numbers change as list moves on. I'd skip fourth column for now, it's fruitless. This method lets you to  win $50  for 10 times in 50 games. Although to figure out when those 10 wins are coming is not possible. If you play all 50 games like that you 'll spend more than your wins are, more than $500. It's better to use it once or twice during 50 games, just watching that you do not spend more money that what your win will be. Element of luck remains even with certain knowledge.