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How To Determine Winning Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets – Texas

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Posted: March 12, 2014, 7:19 pm - IP Logged

How To Determine Winning Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets – Texas

When you ask for a ticket look at Patels facial expression.

Happy face = Losing ticket.

Sad face = Winning ticket.       It really works.

Good point. Thumbs Up

Another way to determine whether a ticket is a winner is to look at other players results. That's the key part of playing scratch games that you don't get with draw games: Scratchers are a competitive game, where you are competing for the same wins in the pack against other players. And if that other player also happens to be the clerk, well, he can be your toughest opponent.

But if his poker face ain't too good, you could use what you mentioned as clues:

Happy face - someone just had a winner right before you, so he's happy to see you buy losing tickets to move the roll along.

Sad face - he tried hawking a player that had a losing streak on that roll, but didn't find any winners, so now he's scared you'll snag a winner instead.