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Marco's LottoSync and others such softwares.

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 7 years ago by lottoarchitect.

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August 26, 2012
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His site is still up, maybe because of the registration of the program as it starts up, there might still be some people who use it.

But it doesn't seem to be neither for lease nor for sale anymore, but I am not sure.

Marco didn't keep on updating it as we all wanted him to do so maybe it was a matter of time before people quit buying it, I don't know how many people still use it if any.

Seems to me that even as it is right now, it might be a little better than quick picks.

Maybe it could have been made better in time little by little, but I guess that Marco D R didn't want to.

It kind of almost went the way of "SimuLotto", but SimuLotto was flawed and crippled very bad, no wonder that people didn't want to buy it and it had to close shop and leave.

The owner and developer of SimuLotto didn't want to make the changes that were needed in order to make the program good enough, he kept the progam defective, crippled and limited.

LottoSync is not defective, but it is crippled and limited.

MaxHitPro was also somewhat defective, it always gave my computer some problems, but besides that it also could had been made better, when lottery developers don't listen to the users of their software and keep their software crippled and limited and in this case also a little defective, people quit buying their software, people get tired of bad lottery software.

All those softwares and some others had or have potential, but were kept down by their developers.

Lotto Architect stayed as it was Anastasios moved on tp other lottery programs, the future updates to Lotto Architect never came and it was never made more user friendly either.

No wonder so many people buy quick picks and or make their own workouts either by hand or with Excel.

Some people call some lottery programs "CrapWare", but there are a few good tools out there, very few and mostly for the pick 3 game and not so much for jackpot kind of games.

There are many lottery programs that are still being sold, but are still in the stone age, they have not been updated for very many years.

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    November 18, 2003
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    At least for Lotto Architect, I don't consider it a "dead project" even if it hasn't been updated for several years. Right now the research is on my other two programs Wheel Generator and GAT Engine and when I'm fully satisfied on these, I consider a major upgrade for LA too based on my further experience all these years with customers and what they want to do or expect. LA is user friendly if you understand the way it has been structured (and the reason it is structured that way).