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Best loss yet!

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January 16, 2012
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I just had my best loss ever in the Florida Lotto pick 6 for $27,000,000. Although I didn't get a single number selecting from 1-53, I did successfully determine all six "decade" groups for each ball for last night's drawing.

My pick was:


Winning #s were:


After calculating, the chance of successfully picking all the correct "decades" is 1 in 46,656. (Are my calculations correct in assuming "6 groups x 6 groups x 6 groups x 6 groups x 6 groups x 6 groups" ? But there are only 3 numbers in 50s so I think that skews the data, but not sure.)

Anyway, I feel pitifully accomplished! Big Grin


Maybe next time, I'll be able to get some of the correct numbers.

...Someone's going to win eventually...

...Never know, could be me...