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Play The Lottery Someday- It Is Okay To Dream!

Topic closed. 15 replies. Last post 3 years ago by Jon D.

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Posted: April 16, 2014, 6:26 pm - IP Logged

It's obvious you get no benefit from my posts, but many other people do. You claim my posts are garbage, yet you post nothing useful in return. Hypocritical if you ask me. If you have nothing to contribute that adds or improves a conversation, you shouldn't bother responding.

I am well aware that most people play the lottery for entertainment, and the point of my post(s) was not to discourage playing. It's simply illustrating why you shouldn't play particular games. You can get the same amount of entertainment but have a higher chance of actually fulfilling those hopes/dreams, just by choosing better games. I've said this before, last year I did better than the year before by simply choosing different games. I still got the same fun out of playing, but I was left with more money to play again. That's basically all I'm doing here.

Oh LottoMetro, you are consistent, I'll give you that too.

Your God complex is so complete, you actually believe that you are the only one that can provide substantive posts on LP. And anyone else should not post unless they have something that LottoMetro deems important enough. Oh, how did Lotterypost ever survive until LottoMetro came along to save us! No Nod

Your conceit and pomposity is so off the chart man, just as you said in a previous post:

I hardly see anyone else around here taking the time to correct misinformation or offer relevant posts

Wow. Thud

How do you balance that big head of yours LottoMetro? ROFL

And little old me, yeah I have NEVER posted anything of value here, ever, on LP. Ouch that hurts. And nobody should ever post humor or color commentary or other posts of no value either, without the express written permission of LottoMetro, hmmmkay? Green laugh


P.S. How is it that you can play the lottery when you are a lottery industry insider? Isn't that unethical? I thought that was not allowed in most places, for people with inside access to information, people and systems to play the lottery?