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Any remote viewers in the house?

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Posted: May 12, 2014, 5:23 pm - IP Logged

I don't pass clues and I am not present, there is no talk and no commenting. It would just be an e-mail passing the number. The return e-mail must contain the answer.

There is the shuffling. I don't know who is getting which number and which question. The shuffling can be done random by the computer, or by me, picking a card. I believe that I cannot do any better alone. I even may let the computer decide when I have to send the e-mail.

Joe Mc Moneagle puts away questions for himself in envelops. He after a some time, maybe months or weeks, just picks one randomly and views it.

Double-Blind. In most experiments, if the person giving the answers does not know the question, it would be called "blind" or "single-blind". Remote Viewing is required to be "double-blind". That means there are two (double) layers of "blinding". It means the psychic cannot know the target, AND, nobody else who is present with the psychic during the session (even by remote means such as webcam or phone) can know the target either. This is because even pheremones, voice-frequencies, and many other "invisible" physiological senses can transfer information below the conscious level.