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Did you choose the Lottery, or did the Lottery choose you?

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May 25, 2014
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Posted: June 3, 2014, 5:24 am - IP Logged

Good day everybody. I'm new in this website and I live in South Africa and I just decided to drop by and share my experiences with the Lottery. The are currently two lotteries in South Africa, The pick-6 (6/49) Lottery and the (5/45 + Powerball [1/20]) Powerball. (Although I personally don't play the impossible to win Powerball, because the chances of winning it are over a 100 million, werelse in the 6/49 lottery you have a real chance of winning nevertheless the chances of it being between 13-14 million).

One day I just woke up, and out of nowhere I just felt I could win the lottery. Although I wasn't ever a lottery player, and that (lottery) night (from my first time ever play) I won 167 bucks (3 balls + bonus) and that's when I knew that I never chose to play the lottery, the lottery chose me. And that was just two months ago. I feel like I was injected with lottery talent man.

And now I feel like I'm a lottery expect. I just need to find an enthusiastic group to pool my numbers with. If your staying in South Africa, Johannesburg, well I am the man to pool your numbers with if you want the sweetest revenge to be success.

Here's a taste of most probably winning the next lottery draw if your staying in South Africa:

*Repeat Hit(s): 16; 48; 39; 5 (why because these numbers frequently appear, and when a repeat hit frequently occurs 99% of the time, it makes sense to play a number which most commonly occurs).
*Due ball(s): 7; 9; 12; 13; 17; 18; 30; 31; 32; 35; 42 (why because these numbers haven't occured in more than 10 draws, surely one/two of these hot balls is due). Tip: Avoid playing an overdue ball.
*One/Two of this last digit ball(s):
4; 14; 24; 34; 44 + 1; 11; 21; 31; 41 (Why? because these last digit number(s) with a (4 or a 4 and/or 1 or a 1) last digit behind it hasn't appeared in the South Africa for quite a while in the past lottery draws).

And the rest are my secrets. You can post one of your winning ingredients that can help if you want (especially about the South Africa Lotto). Tomorrow is another drawing day, and my life is in shambles, and I must and will win at least 5/6 numbers [10 000 bucks] if the 'most often' will happen tomorrow.

Sooner or Later, I will start studying the lotteries from overseas. So what do you good people think? And do you think Lotto chose you, or did you choose Lotto?