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Blast from the Past...Digit returns/ easy pen and paper P4

Topic closed. 1 reply. Last post 3 years ago by winsumloosesum.

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Posted: June 9, 2014, 5:05 pm - IP Logged



 Ricky was such a nice fella'.....and had so many request tossed at him......and I think he tried to hard too sometimes to fulfill almost all of them.   RIP buddy...

 anyway....the P4 method is simple enough for pen and Paper at any rate. 



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    Posted: June 9, 2014, 7:01 pm - IP Logged

    Pick 4 from Pick 3 - Ricky's Program from 2006

    Download link:


    I have not used this tool or gone through the instructions (yet)


    Added this to the Pick 4 from Pick 3 & vice versa-tool.

    There are now 3 buttons in the startup form,
    the button "Create P4 from pairs" is the one you'll need for this.

    Enter the premium pairs in the first yellow textbox.
    You can enter as many as you like, normally you won't be inputting more than 6 ofcourse, since you should be using the 6 pairs from the pick4 number. (although you might decide to play with a double, or even double... it's all up to you)

    In the second textbox you enter the pairs that will be used to create the pick4 numbers, along with the premium pairs.

    You can select several options to filter out
    - 24-ways, doubles, double-doubles, triples, quads (select what you want to exclude from creation)
    - Consecutive digits

    You can have the numbers turned into boxed format. (example: 5628 will become 2568)
    You can have the list of numbers be sorted, ascending

    The tool will automatically filter out any duplicate numbers it finds,
    for boxed format this means that each number created will be unique,
    for straight format this means that not each number will be unique by definition. Depending on the pairs you enter the following numbers could be created: 2658 and 6852

    To do more filtering you can use the excellent Deflate tool here at LP.