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Full Moon Friday Horoscopes 06-13-2014

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Posted: June 13, 2014, 8:37 am - IP Logged

Full Moon Friday Horoscopes
Friday June 13, 2014
Brought to you by Mystic Insight
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Today is Friday the 13th and also a Full Moon.
This Full Moon is Called the Strawberry Moon

Any ambition you have is intensified now. Ask and you just might get it, so if you want it, go for it. Part of it is about intuitively knowing just what to ask for, what's really available, and who's in the mood for giving. Go with your feelings and you'll be surprised at what's at your command. It's a definite day for manifesting what you need and want.

You may have to suffer a little to stand up for an ideal or cause. For the time being your progress in some matter relating to a principle could be blocked or someone could be challenging you for the sake of proving themselves. Don't let this spiral out of control into an ego clash. Withdraw for the time being and then come back with full force when you are on firmer ground.

Your spirits are high at this time, and you feel optimistic, self-confident, generous, and good-natured. You greet life with a fresh attitude, and it is easy for you to forget the mistakes of the past and envision bright new avenues for growth and fulfillment.

This is a positive time when your finest creative ideas or works find a positive outlet. Any creative or original suggestions that you make to employers, government agencies, or people in authority are met with interest and support. You have a particularly good ability at this time for introducing something original into an established setting in a pleasant, harmonious way that attracts success.

Cool down when you come face to face with a group of people who may appear to have taken you for a ride. If you give them a chance, you could find that there are some things you have missed noticing along the way. A short trip may be in order.

You may have to give some commitment or assurance for what you hope to receive just now. People are not as prone to simply handing over information or ideas without you giving them something in return. In other words, today is not a day when things will be given freely to you.

Additional responsibilities are coming your way soon. For the moment you will enjoy a relaxed sense in your home life and domestic harmony as well. You may find yourself wanting to spend more time at home just now--just getting away from the stress and struggle of everyday life. Overall your luck should be good during this period too.

Today you probably feel less competitive and ambitious about practical and mundane matters. It's more a day of imagination, fantasy, art, music, and if you have talent in any of these areas, this can be a creative and fruitful time for you. The more eclectic and mystic appeal to you now. However, the negative possibilities for you now are being undisciplined, slack, indefinite, and wasting time and energy.

Secrets, taboos, and mysteries appeal to a deep instinctive yearning. Learning what makes people tick turns you on. Your instinctive orientation at this time is toward getting down to brass tacks and starting over from scratch - healing comes from destroying the roots of a disturbance.

Stumbling across some inspiring words will actually be of use to you during this particular phase of your life. This is because you're more likely to act upon an inspiration or a respected friend's advice. You've probably been trying to escape the inevitability of dealing with some problem and these words will help you solve that problem now.

You may work with technical or electrical equipment, or they may be connected with your duties. Expect the unexpected in advancements, opportunities, and improvements. New co-workers will enter your life unexpectedly. One may develop into a fond friendship.

Understanding your financial worth and considering the broader ramifications of material security should be a priority today. Regardless of your age, today is a good time to chart a path towards financial security.


Many Blessings,
Good Luck,