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Retrocausality The Results and Bravery.!

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June 15, 2014
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Posted: June 28, 2014, 5:54 pm - IP Logged

So okay i'll get to the point of what this will be

If you want you can just observe these for tonight in any of the States that

are availiable for you to play,go ahead and fell free to if you wish,

I joined this Site after having a in-depth look over the topic of....


Personally i love to play numbers and i love also to win.

But is winning the key agenda or is it something else.

In the link up above i saw where members were discussing Time Travel as an

Option to win the lottery.

 So then let see if this little experiment will work.

Or if by knowing that these are the future Results ,

032 034 036 038 146 143 145 148 149 163

237 238 234 278 284 285 289 346 348 345

349 368 385 389 458 459 489 449 499 589

Can it effect the outcome of the time line set for each individual

or is it because now that these are known .

Will the Lottery Moles inform the houses that these numbers

should be off limit for tonight.

Seriously have you ever been in the situation or episode were

you are playing the dues and missing sums into a particular state

and for some reason it never falls...

Then look,that day you forgot to play,