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New Member but Not New to CA Scratchers

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July 8, 2014
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Posted: July 8, 2014, 11:49 pm - IP Logged

Hi Everyone-

Long time follower for the forum and now decided to do a post and to contribute to the community.  I have been playing California lottery scratchers for a very long time.  I am in San Francisco bay area and the store I visit is a store dedicated to selling CA lottery products (daily draws and scratchers).  They make money off of commissions.  The have multiple televisions for the Hot Spot draws and have every scratchers laid off in rolls.  With that said, they have never had a grand prize winner for the big draws (MM, Powerball, Super Lotto).  I About a week ago, when the WOF scractchers got released, I brought about 15-18 $10 WOF and did horribly bad.  I also wasted about another $150 on a various scracthers.  Total loss for that day was $320.  What is worse is that after 10-11 WOF $10 scratchers I wasn't able to concentrate that much.  On some, I forgot to scratch the instant $100 spot.  In that store, there is a proacher who goes around and  doesn't buy much and just collects the scratchers for the second chance drawing.  He looked over my losers and he was able to "steal" $100 from me as he scracther off the instant $100 spot that I forgot and hit $100.  The irony of that is that 1) he needs the $100 more than I do 2) I think I would of given it back as I was down in the hole so much.  Definitely adding insult to injury.  I am still pissed off about this and I have told myself not to go to the store again.  Maybe it is a blessing in disguise.  I am big on the poker games and the crossword games.  For weeks, I would purchase 7 $3 crossword puzzles (different colors) and have had good success with that.  I think all I need is one $20 winner and everything else is gravy.  I do attest with you all that WOF is horrible as odds are worse and the royalty factor.  However, I did hit $100 tonight on a $5 WOF.  My advice is too lay off the WOF game and I have been trying to quit playing or reduce my play.