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Baby dream

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Posted: August 16, 2014, 11:13 am - IP Logged

Hi everyone, I need a little help with a dream.

I applied for a job and packed a suitcase. I went to that city and saw a woman named shaunda.i got a room but kept my huge suitcase with me. We went around town and saw a couple of people. One woman said if you look like a pretty boy then you must be a gorgeous woman( referring to herself). The next woman said hello and I said how are you ands said said why are you in my business you don't know me. I got angry maybe disappointed and went to my room. I was very sleepy. I thought I saw a woman on the bed with a much older woman rubbing her stomach.

i looked again and the old woman was putting raw chicken all over the lady and she was chanting something. I look again and this time I could only see their shadows. It looked like the old woman pulled a baby out of the woman lying on the bed. I thought I must be sleepy, so I put my head down.

i looked up and the old woman was next to me and she said she had a baby in her.


weird dream!!!!!  I know that baby normally  plays for 210. Are there any other numbers associated with is dream? Any meaning?

thanks for listening advance!

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    Posted: August 16, 2014, 11:53 am - IP Logged

    Packing  518**507****279**

    Suitcase  018***

    Chicken  822****212  185  221  617**219  391  396  0215

    Woman  218  ***718**  ** 887  166  646***858    3658

    Bed  029  678  267  637  537  370  295 *** 2739

    Baby  120***  112  967  056  128***0503

    Black baby  523***  632*

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