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Consult:Whether can be betting software according to the preset plan?

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Posted: August 18, 2014, 9:11 am - IP Logged

Whether can be betting software according to the preset plan?

For example,

We put 12 picks as the predetermined number of betting, betting for all states .

Software can be based on our set betting time sequence and betting amount  of online betting, such as the first  betting TN3MOR, according to the  judgment of the next action, if hit, will terminate all plan; if there is no hit TN3MOR, bet on TXMOR3, and so on.

This software and my 12 picks  unifies in together, brings a lot of profit. The problem is that betting software?

Serial numberStateGMT-5:00
1TN3MOR10:28 AM
2TXMO311:00 AM
3NYMD312:24 PM
4MDMD312:28 PM
5GAMD312:29 PM
6OHMD312:29 PM
7NJMD312:57 PM
8MIMD312:59 PM
9SCMD31:00 PM
10TSMD31:10 PM
11INMD31:20 PM
12KYMD31:25 PM
13TXMD31:27 PM
14TNMD31:28 PM
15FLMD31:30 PM
16PAMD31:35 PM
17ILMD31:40 PM
18MOMD31:45 PM
19IAMD31:50 PM
20DCMD31:55 PM
21CTMD31:57 PM
22DEMD31:58 PM
23ARMD31:59 PM
24VAMD32:00 PM
25CNON3MD2:00 PM
26NCMD33:00 PM
27NMMD33:05 PM
28IDMD33:59 PM
29CAMD34:00 PM
30TS36:55 PM
31GA36:59 PM
32PA36:59 PM
33SC36:59 PM
34WV36:59 PM
35TXEV37:00 PM
36MN37:26 PM
37TN37:28 PM
38MI37:29 PM
39OH37:29 PM
40WI37:29 PM
41NY37:35 PM
42MD37:56 PM
43NJ37:56 PM
44DC37:57 PM
45DE37:57 PM
46FL37:57 PM
47AR37:59 PM
48AZ39:00 PM
49CNONT39:00 PM
50CN39:00 PM
51CA39:30 PM
52CO39:36 PM
53NE39:40 PM
54IA39:50 PM
55ID39:59 PM
56MO39:59 PM
57PR310:00 PM
58KS310:10 PM
59OK310:10 PM
60IL310:20 PM
61CT310:29 PM
62IN310:50 PM
63LA310:59 PM
64KY311:00 PM
65VA311:00 PM
66WA311:00 PM
67TX311:12 PM
68NC311:22 PM
69NM311:45 PM
70CNQUO3  9:00 pm

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