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lottery sistem

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Posted: September 20, 2014, 11:32 am - IP Logged

Hello,RJOK thank you, we have in Brazil on September 7 the draw
  The lotofacil, which will be 40 million more dollars
It is a lottery of 25/15 (01-25) 15 numbers are drawn
Link = www.caixa.gov.br the flap lotofacil
 RJOKcan help me in any system, but only the endings (last digit)
Example 17 the last digit is 7, the front digit 0,1,2, do not enter the shell
  Can you help me on terminations 0-9 in two sectors
  01-10 and 11 20 And the group 21-25 does not enter the study
  Can you help me how to filter the two sectors, only the endings?
Please thanks

Look at your sums the last 15 games.  Get an average then you can decide which group to play. 

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    Posted: September 20, 2014, 2:10 pm - IP Logged

    ok , toke, a pergunta, é quantos sorteios devo jogar seguidos para ter certa confiança

    num sorteio de uma loteria? sim,  porque, todos os sistemas tentam prever para apenas um evento

    ( o proximo sorteio),mas se as estatisticas mostram que temos jogar mais sorteios,

     pergunta é, quantos mais??? quantos sorteios devo continuar com os mesmos numeros?


    It seems as if you want to play until you win by chance, it could take forever or you could win right away. after all it is statistical chance, it would depend on many factor such as how many numbers you will play and if you are trying to win straight or box-any-order and on how you are getting your quick-picks or if you are getting your numbers in some other way.

    A much better way to win is by learning how to better pick your numbers, some people play the same numbers until they come out, some other people try to win on the very next draw.

    A little later to start learning how to win just a little before you do want or need to win.

    Learning can take months o years and you also need to practice-test and test again and again.

    The better that you are at guessing-predicting numbers the sooner that you will feel like you are ready to win in a more or less regular way.

    You can never be sure that you will win on a particular draw, just that you can win a little more often than just by statistical chance.

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      August 26, 2012
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      Posted: September 20, 2014, 2:26 pm - IP Logged

      ok, Em termos de sistema, pode se olhar o passado e projetar o futuro. mas, mas se os numeros

       nao tem memoria,  eis a questao? estatisticas passadas nao ajudam,!!!!

      o controle dos numeros repetidos e os que ainda noa sairam de um determinado intervalo

       dos sorteios anteriores, ajuda pouco! quando num evento unico( um sorteios)

       claro numa loteria só se pode chegar matematicamente até certo ponto ( acerto de 75% a 80%) o resto é aleatorio

      é lei de pareto 80/20 em loteria 75/25, minha loteria sao da ccaixa. mega . loto facil etc...

      For sure, the numbers don't have a memory.

      Past statistics will for sure help.

      Yes numbers will repeat, but not exactly at particular exact intervals, it is all statistical chance that tells you more or less when there will be more or less of a chance of repeats, there ie no way to tell for sure when a digit, number or pattern will come out or repeat.

      Chances are that chances are, it is all statistical chance and for sure no accurate prediction,not even in my best days I could be 100% sure that one of my predicted numbers would come out.

      Math might help you, but only some, those who are wizards at Math hardly win any more often than the regular high school dropout or just the average person.

      Being very good at Math won't make a person a, "an Oracle at Delphi" nor a "Nostradamus"

      I have known some non educated people who are better at lottery prediction than educated people.