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Congrats To SamE For Winning The Millionaire Maker

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Posted: October 8, 2014, 12:01 am - IP Logged

The Millionaire Maker contest last week was awesome. Congrats To SamENole who came home winning the $1,000,000. Having a couple Broncos on your team such as Manning and Demaryius Thomas proved to be the right move. Sam beat out 92,400 entrants to come home with the money. But get this! He ONLY had ONE ENTRY! It truly means that ANYONE can win this. There was a guy who had 1200 entries. He was beat out by a single ticket! That is so awesome.

Well the contest was such a rousing success that they have decided to do it again this week. Same deal. $1,000,000 to the winner. $2.2 million will be paid out in prizes. Cost of the ticket is $27. There will be a max of 92,400 entrants. We talk about overlay a lot and due to the fact this contest was novel and the first one was last week meant the contest filled. This week I am not too sure. Obviously if it does not fill it means a great chance to win. There are also some great prizes besides the million of $100,000, $50,000 etc. The top 15,500 places will be paid.

Obviously the payback percentage on this contest dwarfs that of scratch offs or pick 4's etc. I will have a ton of entries again. I had a bunch cash. I had a bunch I created for other users cash as well.

This week some of the biggest over unders are games involving the Giants/Eagles and Bears/Falcons. I will use a lot of players from those games. There will be some Running Back and Wide Receivers this week for will be playing for injured starters that are very cheap that you should use as well.

Even if you nothing about football it is possible for a "quick pick" to beat this game of skill. Check it out at www.dailyfantasywinnings.com 

A no brainer this week as well is the Seahawks Defense at home vs the Cowboys. The boys were lucky to beat Houston at home. They will come crashing back down to earth in the Pacific Northwest. 

We all love to hope. Get your money in the right spots and your hope actually has more hope!  I am super pumped for week 6 of the NFL!