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pick 3 Illinois

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May 23, 2014
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Posted: December 7, 2014, 12:41 am - IP Logged

HyperIllinois pick 3 is one of the hardest states to hit pick 3 lottery and the FIREBALL MESSES EVERYTHING UP cause when I look on the forum for methods or systems/tips I can tell you this it is rare for me  to hit/win. some tell me that the fireball has nothing to do with it but think about this a second its $1 to play normal play but with fireball it is $2 but get this if you play fireball and you hit straight you do not get $500.00 you get $290.00 its some people win dont get me wrong but the lottery is getting their cut trust me . But anyway its really like a pick 4 example Today I played 227 it came 527 guess what the fireball was a 2 so for one will have to almost play fireball atleast 40% of the time to win because 1 of your numbers will hit in pick three from normal distribution here and there about 60% of the time and then 40% of the time  000-999 will hit in fireball in the other part of the distribution I wish I had an answer but the only system THAT I HAVE HAD ANY LUCK USING IS THE TIC TAC TOE SYSTEMS.. FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!! . Also I bought platinum so if I cannot help anyone on this forum because I am a pure rookie but I feel since I have used a lot of the systems and just for the fact of me using this site alone I could atleast help on my part and contribute to help keep things going on this alone makes me not feel guilty when I use anything here despite it being free for standard members .But thats just me .