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Can lottery random be predicted?

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Posted: December 21, 2014, 11:32 pm - IP Logged

When I made predictions long ago I made both: Good and bad predictions and most of them were bad and  good or bad by making them and then seeing the results of the winning draws maybe I learned something.

On a pick 3 game there are 1000 straight numbers so there are 1000 possible outcomes.

For a 1 predicted pick 3 number a prediction needs to be accurate, if you predict a group of numbers then the prediction doesn't need to be as accurate, the more numbers predicted the less accurate that the prediction needs to be.

There are 1000 possible straight outcomes, but only 220 boxed outcomes, so boxed predictions don't need to be as accurate as straight predictions kind of, it all depends on what kind of numbers are predicted and how many of them are predicted.

Of course a person needs to use a way or ways of knowing what is more likely to come out either next and or soon.

That is why we take a look at the past winning draws, at their numbers, digits and characters, we also try to give the digits and numbers characteristics-symbols other than the 0 to 9 digits and we might call those characteristics filters and or patterns.

How do we go about finding what is more and or less likely to show-up in the future?

When we look at the digits, etc of past draws we all might not see the exact same things or we might, but our own interpretation(s) might not be the same as those of other people, a prediction technique or method is a way of trying to find what might be next to show up, but we all might have our own ways and techniques as we all might not see prediction in the same way, we need to try to find a way or ways that follow the so called "random probabilit(y)(ies)" as closely as possible, I can say that random is possible probabilities, but we should try to narrow down the possible probabilities as much as possible without cutting out the winning number too much reduction might cause filter(s) failure(s).

If we can't reduce enough to win and also make a profit then we should not play for real.

The thing is "next expected probabilities" based on what is "seen" on the past draws.

Seeing on what? It all depends on what we are using, Are we using digits? Or numbers? Single digits? Or Pairs? Or the complete 3 digits number? Or filters such as Low-High or Even-Odd or Last Digit of the Sums and or something else?

Two prediction factors:

What is used (Charateristics).

Interpretation of what is used.

Interpretation might have the most "weight", what is used might not be as important.

I think that next are some links to 5 past boxed pick 3 predictions, 3 won boxed and 2 failed (I think).

Sometimes predictions appear to be almost like a thing of magic, but of course they are not, sometimes we interpret right and sometimes we don't.

Or sometimes those who handle the draws "make us fail", prediction is a "fragile" thing so it is not as hard to make us fail.

There really should not be neither pre nor post draws, I always think that the lottery draws are not always "honest" if they ever are.

From the very beginning when the lottery "came" to Tx I took a look at the numbers and my study told me almost right away that the drawings could not be "honest", since I don't know much about anything, I am probably wrong, at one time or at another I made predictions for most of the pick 3 games on the United States and those very many drawings didn't look to be very honest to me, but I probably must be wrong or so people say.

1st prediction:


1st result:




2nd prediction:




3rd prediction:




4th prediction:




There never was a "Black Light" program, I made the predictions myself. I was just kidding!

5th prediction:





It seems to me that it should have been 4 wins and 1 failure instead of 3 and 2, but as I said back then I think that the draws are not honest or at least not all of the time, but as I also said, I am probably wrong.


I have other prediction samples, but maybe I won't post them as it is late and I am tired.


The 2 most important things might be:

Interpretation of what is seen on the past draws.

And if the numbers are drawn in a honest way or not.

The last first and the first last.

Too bad that I could not post another very good prediction example, but it would take me some time to find it on the lottery post archives and I am tired already.

Take a look for prediction on your level of understanding and teachings Wink : http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/284208