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317 Million Now.

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Posted: February 7, 2015, 9:55 pm - IP Logged

N/P, lejardin.   I'm sure that bank reported the transaction since I hadn't made any so large (or even close to it) before w/ them.   Maybe my appearance gave the bank employee cause for concern - when I'm "cleaned up", I've been told I look like a cop or undercover detective, but when I'm scraggly and dressed in sweats, etc., I've been told I look like a drug dealer.  I'd prefer people think I was a preacher or porn star, but that's just me. <grin>

Yep, I have always thought that sometime in my lifetime that cash transactions would be very rare and it's getting to that point now.  I don't use cash much - other than buying the occ. soda and lottery tickets, I use credit cards. (I have pretty much quit using my debit card because of security risks) I've got a friend who thinks this cashless society is one more step to the "Mark of the Beast" thing, but I don't know.  I check gold and silver prices when I think of it and the history is particularly interesting.  I bought some silver - not a lot - back in the mid-80's and sold some of it for a couple dollars/oz. profit, wish I had hung onto it now but I needed the money then.  My ex bought some small gold coins, but somehow we didn't split those up when she and I split.   (The worst thing was she got the Hoover and I got the cats.  After a while, if I had known how to and had the guts, I could have knitted another cat.)

I don't keep a lot of money in my checking account - mostly b/c I don't have a lot, but when I'm flush and doing well, I transfer from savings when the checking is low.  I do a lot of online transactions, Amazon,  Google Play music, e-books, paying credit cards, etc. and want to make sure I don't get hacked and my account drained.   I have notifications on my credit cards for over certain amts. and for multiple transactions and if I win, I'm going to make sure my money is even safer than now.   That bank I mentioned in my earlier post also offers Kasasa checking accounts, paying a pretty good rate on balances above a certain amt.  The only other stipulations are that you use online banking and use your debit card so many times per month.

The way of life I grew up with is gone forever.  I also dont like the direction we are going.  Dont know enough about the mark of the beast but I do believe cashless society is coming, so is the microchip placed inside us, the government is already tracking our whereabouts, our privacy is GONE and I dont like it.  I have heard these things are going to happen for years and thought those saying it were, well, a little off.  Dont like the taste of crow.

Undercover detective, preacher, porn star ( hahahaha) any one would be excellent to show up to claim winnings.

Never heard of Kasasa.  With a win such as tonite, that is soo much money, some would go in a couple of banks but it wouldnt be much. I have lots of ideas and places to put the cash, gold and silver.  I think a good tax accountant would be a priority and the necessary evil, = lawyer.  As for investing, I am rethinking that issue. 

Thanks for the laughs and the good information.  Oh and good luck to you on tonights monster draw.