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CA's 2nd Chance...Anyone here won?

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Posted: February 22, 2015, 1:29 pm - IP Logged

Just curious if anyone has won anything palying the CA 2nd Chance and how were you notified you won? I do not need to know how much you won or where you live, etc.

I ask because I have a number of 2nd chance plays active. Every so often a 2nd chance drawing happens and I of course do not get the hoped for email alert from the CA lottery.

Because of the notebook (Apple MacBook Pro) I use with Safari I can't click on the any of the "winners" links on the Results & Winners page to see the name/city of who won what for each game. This doesn't work and while CA Lottery knows it hasn't relaeased a fix for this yet. Blames Safari, which of course could be at fault.

I am assuming should I win a 2nd chance game I'd receive an email from the CA Lottery but given how poorly in some cases the lottery software works I'm starting to wonder...