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Targets for Pick3

Topic closed. 467 replies. Last post 1 year ago by Deo-nonfortuna.

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Galloway, Ohio
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January 24, 2015
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Posted: August 31, 2015, 8:56 pm - IP Logged

Win D's "If You Know 1 Number"

Excel file download (zip) file:


The download link above contains 2 Excel files




Thank you so much for your instructions. 

There were instructions (video) for manually updating the State draws for the Excel files that Win has been posting.  Can someone help me out?

    Galloway, Ohio
    United States
    Member #163255
    January 24, 2015
    309 Posts
    Posted: September 1, 2015, 4:47 am - IP Logged

    Found the information.

      Deo-nonfortuna's avatar - hqdefault
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      April 27, 2015
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      Posted: September 1, 2015, 11:23 am - IP Logged

      Since 0 has been out for 9 draws now in PA, it's certainly due today or tomorrow at the latest. I got this interesting post by WinD about 0.


      Posted: May 6, 2004, 5:02 pm - IP LoggedFavorites


      "The Old Man's Zeros Trick"

       The old man's zero trick is a great way to learn about Pick-3 patterns and digit frequency. It's also a very good thing to help you remember each time you see a ZERO. This trick works in about 90% of the cases and good in all states.

        O.K. this trick you really will have to play at Home in your on state on your own State's P-3 data base.

        1. Run your finger down the hits on your data base and each time you see a Zero ......stop.

        2. Now, look around that Zero for either a digit # 3 ...or...digit #6.

      *They are always there about 90 % of the time ...one or the other


             A.  123        B.  467        C.  105 *

                  204              669            381

                  297               301             445

        3. Sometimes the Zero will hit with both the digit 3 and 6 ...but most times it is one or the other. 

        Remember 90% of the time when you see a Zero there is always a 3 or 6 near by. Those times a 3 or 6 has not hit with the Zero it means another Zero is about to hit.

        Check your own State's data base out and find the Zero's. Look at the day before ......if no 3 or 6 then look at the day the Zero hit for the 3 or 6 .....if there wasn't Well,.....you better get ready for a 3 or 6 to Hit The Next Day ! 

        Remember .....3's or 6's love to touch or hit the

      1.day before Zero hits.

      2...the day of the zero hit

      3..or this is the best part... (the *next day after the Zero hits)! 

       (otherwise look for another zero to hit) and then the 3 or 6

      Last night's PA # was 286

      This is BA's post today

      Posted: Today, 10:17 am - IP LoggedReplyFavorites

      Early Root sum hit means this post hits again

      Digit  5 or 7 will fall in the first position or second position


      Digit 3 or 9 will fall

      38x, 34x,23x or30x


      59x, 99x, 39x or 91x


      Both looks good.

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