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The Full Blue Moon is on Friday July 31, 2015

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Posted: July 30, 2015, 8:31 pm - IP Logged

The Full Blue Moon is on Friday July 31, 2015
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egrees Aquarius

This is the second full moon in the month of July - noting it as a Blue Moon. So what does that mean? Blue Moons are known for intensifying the moons energy. Use this time to propel you forward by loving yourself even more by releasing what no longer serves you.
This is the perfect time to focus on what needs to be released in order to lovingly care for yourself and open your heart center wider than ever before. Ask your inner self for guidance on what you are truly ready to release to allow more love to fill your heart, body and mind.


Take time today to list out those old stories, thoughts, emotions or patterns and prepare to release them with the full moon energy tomorrow. With the sun in Leo, embrace your heart, listen closely as you have a wonderful opportunity to expand your heart space. Use this time to go deep within and asking prompting questions of your inner self to support you in identifying what needs some attention, tender loving care and releasing.
Full moons offer a time of integrating both of the signs energies, this month it's Aquarius and Leo. Both are "Fixed" energies - utilized this energy to allow yourself to pause and prepare to take action, reflect, honor and release. Allow yourself to just BE and simply LET GO. Allow your mind and heart a rest. Connect with nature, spend time bonding with Mother Earth.
BE GRATEFUL - allow your heart to be filled!!!
This is a great time to express Gratitude for all that you have, all that your are and all that is coming your way!

When we are so focused on what we want and are having perhaps a little stinking thinking, we can think ourselves up on manifesting our hearts desires.
For instance, we want more money, yet we speak and feel all the ways we don't have it in our lives. We may use phrases like "I can't afford it". YEEPS think about the energy of that statement! It creates a level of resistance to money.
My invitation is for you to move into a place of Gratitude for all the money you do have (even if it is the change in your pocket) or for any money that comes to you. Even the penny you find on the ground, blessed and express Gratitude for it.
It's not your fault, this is what we many of us were taught growing up. (Stinking Thinking) There is so much energy around the "M" word. Perhaps a new phrase could be,<. This has a completely different energy to it.

The super fabulous news is... YOU are a POWERFUL creator! You have the power to choose your thoughts!When you catch yourself thinking or saying something that is not in alignment with what you are wanting, CHANGE it... RE-FRAME the statement in a way that is in alignment to what you are wanting or at the least, changing the foot print of the old and creating space and possibility for the NEW!

Much Love, Grace and Blessings

"I am what I am by the grace of God."