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Michigan Bi-Weekly History 8-17 thru 8-31

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Posted: August 17, 2015, 10:20 am - IP Logged

Thought I would try this for a few weeks... forum for those who wish to post a few numbers each day. Using the history of past Michigan drawings; longest overdue combos, digit analysis of longest overdue digits by position, longest out pairs due. #'s that are currently repeating in other states. 3D combos #'s that follow other combos in the history of the drawings.

Link did not work... lottery post has a link that shows 3D & 4D numbers that are drawn each day in the U.S.A... you will have to find it. lol...

Kiss method, keep it simple stupid. Not interested in seeing posts of 5 pairs that would cost $50 to win $41. Stories are welcome, love to hear about people winning. As we all know most players/gamblers are/almost always losing... Reminds me of a player so happy that his 888 finally dropped after 2,000 drawings. He played $6 per drawing 2 times a day. Doing the math, he finally won $3,000 after spending $12,000. There are days for me...nothing looks good, so I don't play anything. Few lottery players can do that.


Today played 092 2w, 097 2w, and 572 str. midday only.


Current winnings per money used to play... approaching the red again. win$/lo$e. Have a hard time not playing the 229C every drawing. Longest this combo has gone is just over 4 years when there was only 1 drawing per day. We are now approaching 4 years with 2 draws per day... or roughly 2,900 drawings with no 229C dropping. With a 333:1 odds of winning we should have seen the 229C drop 9 times now with everything being equal... @  of course state is making a ton of $$$$$$ with players playing this combo.... & nothing is equal when it comes to gambling. lol. 

I will not have the time to post winning daily #'s. If you win big, I suggest you cash out & run with your moola$$$.