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serious question for expert NYS scratch off person

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ozone park
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December 15, 2007
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Posted: August 18, 2015, 10:45 pm - IP Logged

NYS lotto prints x amount of tickets in a game. There are x amount of a top prize for you to win. now it gets down to 1 top winning prize left unclaimed. We know for a fact that NYS lottery destroys ALL open books of scratch-off tickets from retailers that go out of business, sell their business, have a fire or water damage, we know that retailers can return open books if they feel it is taking to long to sell th book out, also books get robbed and stolen. 


Now we get down to 1 remaining ticket left top prize has a game went to the end with that ticket never getting claimed. Is it possible that it could have been destroyed and lotto cannot disclose that so they get to sell out to the last ticket and no one ever wins that final ticket.