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All States P-4 (Lottery Forecast), 8-20-2015 - 8-24-2015

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Posted: August 24, 2015, 5:34 pm - IP Logged

Virginia hopefuls. Virginia is one of the most difficult states to hit in. You have to lay a trap and hopefully the hit will come to you. As always, please use with your favorite systems/methods or compare against the predictions of the great Virginia posters like "Increase's" and Libra's forums on this site to get that "warm fuzzy" about a number(s) you want to play. What I do is provide a group of numbers that I believe have the best potential to come out for Virginia. It is up to you to determine what specific numbers you feel have the best chance. Please keep in mind that as with all games of chance, my numbers might hit and sometimes they won't. It's just the reality of lottery play. Good luck!!



1845, 8527, 3671, 3210, 2723

1739, 4791, 9503, 0742, 7480

2683, 9065, 3613, 3052, 6461

1449, 4697, 2801, 0138, 6428


Mon, Aug 24, 2015North CarolinaPick 4 Daytime7-2-4-0


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