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Crazy idea for city, state, and nation lottos in the US.

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Posted: September 10, 2015, 8:46 am - IP Logged

I've had this thought sloshing around in my noggin for a while.  Hoping to plant the seed of an idea into the head of all the lottery officials out there.  It's just a crazy idea afterall.

My analogy is that all the multi-state lottos are like a 3rd party candidates to each other.  They are competing against each other and thus keeping the jackpots low.  That's my theory.  They should join.  There should be one nation wide lotto, available in all the states that currently have lottos anyway.  This relates to another state and city lotto idea I have, and thought that I could create a system to make them all similar.  State and city lottos would be available only if that locale wants such a thing.

In English, city = 4 letters, state = 5 and nation = 6.  Perfect, I'll use 4/5/6 in my idea.  Let's have city games where they pick 4 numbers from a pool, states pick 5 numbers from a pool, and national picks 6 numbers from a pool.  How large is the pool?  That depends on the population of the locale.

Let's say Los Angeles wants a city lottery.  The population of LA is approx. 3.9 million in 2013.  The nCr for Los Angeles would be 100C4 = 3,921,225.  This way the odds roughly equal the population.  It's up to the city if it wants to run such a game.  A smaller city, such as San Luis Obispo, with a population of approx 46,377 would run a 34C4 = 46,376.  Yes, it took a long time for me to find a population that nearly exactly matched.

Follow the same logic for states.  Cali, with a population of approx. 38.8 million in 2014 would run an 87C5 = 36,949,857 until their population reached ~39,176,000 when they switch to an 88c5.

The US national lotto would be an 80C6 = 300,500,200, which closely matches the approx. population of 318.9 million in 2014.  When the population grows enough, they switch to an 81c6.

I would imagine that the frequency of changes, requiring new cards, scanners, etc, would put off some people.  I think this best suited for online play only, or at an electronic lotto keyosk/vending machine.  Maybe the registration of lotto players would be a great way to invent a voter registration as well.  Who knows?  Maybe the states can get both ideas implemented for the same price.  I'm either full of ideas or full of it.  :-)

Maybe the pool is too large in these examples?  Maybe the pool should be 1/2 the population?

I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks, and good luck!

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    Posted: September 10, 2015, 9:11 am - IP Logged

    Because under everything else, it is always about power.  Same reason we don't merge local fire departments and police or local goverments.  Anyone with even a taste of power is not willing to give it up.   Nor would I expect lottery directors to give up their fat paychecks either.

    Not impossible to add another layer of lottery like the current multi-state games, so long as everyone gets to keep their phoney baloney jobs.

    BobP      Wink

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      Posted: September 11, 2015, 7:36 am - IP Logged

      City lotto might be a good way to increase the number of people paying their taxes on time.  Every on-time payment gets entered into the draw for $1M (or whatever is appropriate for the size of the city).  Where I live we have to pay tax installments every 3 months, so that would be 4 chances a year to win.

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        Posted: September 11, 2015, 8:20 pm - IP Logged

        yeah soulds like a tax lotto, well  using pops of the state as basis for the draw,  well under a tax lotto eveyone has 1 entry for ea $1 paid in taxes, but that would fail as it requres gove to give something back.  this is a from  choice lotto and    entry is based on  voluntary   payment. as  earlier reply stated it depends on who gets the power from such a system. i like the idea. you could annualy change the    matrix based on pop stats and yea online it would save on paper work

        another of those " in a modern world ideas " that  cant cut it with  the real graft and corruption that keeps things in the order it  already is in.

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