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$30 scratch-off gets 1st 10 million win in NC

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December 9, 2013
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Posted: September 22, 2015, 4:56 pm - IP Logged

These are some lucky dogs... I wish I could throw $30 bucks at a lottery ticket and come out a huge winner like they were. I think they can get annunity of 500k for 20 years which is what I'd take or the lump of 6 million and after tax 4.1 million...either one they come out smelling like a rose LOL Good luck to them and theirs and I hope to jion them as one of the next 3 that is out there...or even one of the 18 million dollar ones as well

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    Posted: September 22, 2015, 5:49 pm - IP Logged

    Good luck to you.  SC doesn't even have $20 scratch offs yet.  Congratulations to the winners. :)

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      Posted: September 23, 2015, 1:04 am - IP Logged

      RALEIGH, N.C. �A Triad couple has won the largest scratch-off prize in the history of the North Carolina Education Lottery.

      Dale and Robin Summey won $10 million in the Ultimate Millions game, lottery officials said Monday. They chose the $6 million lump sum option, which pays out $4.1 million after taxes.


      Those who run the lotteries love it when players look for consistency in something that's designed not to have any.


      There is one and only one 'proven' system, and that is to book the action. No matter the game, let the players pick their own losers.