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Delaware here is your 2-5 STRAIGHT run for 90 days

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Posted: September 28, 2015, 6:29 pm - IP Logged

ok everyone in Delaware,

I sure hope this will help some of you catch a straight...the holidays are getting closer so anything I can do to help everyone win some money for the holidays..I am going to help out all I can...Terry..


GOOD LUCK, LOOK FOR THESE STRAIGHT..if you want to chase them box that is up to you...THIS IS A STRAIGHT RUN..and I am looking for 2-5 straights over the next 90 days..


486 487 496 497 586 587 596 597

846 847 946 947 856 857 956 957


HEH LOOK OUT NOW THAT MISSING 496,497 = 1 STRAIGHT is in this run...doesnt mean Delaware will get it..doesnt mean she wont either...!!!!

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