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what do you make of this??

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Posted: October 9, 2015, 8:51 am - IP Logged

This was not a dream but m y fiance told me last night as we were getting into bed something weird happened to him last night.

He said he stopped to check his bank balance on the way to work, before he got gas, and the receipt showed he had more money than was supposed to be in his account. This wouldnt be weird but he said the previous day he had bought some drinks and his remaining balance was 300 something.

So, he stopped to check the balance before getting gas...the receipt showed a balance of 912.23 (va got 2193 str8 last night!) and he said he knew this was wrong.

He got his gas and went to work but said he thought maybe his check from work had been deposited so he thought it was shorted because it should have been more than 600 dollars but when he got to work he was reminded that he doesnt get paid until next week, so it bugged him all night how his acct was so much more than it was from the previous day.

When he got off work he stopped at a store and checked the balance again because it bothered him all night how it was more than he was supposed to have. When he stopped this time the account was right minus the gas he had gotten on the way to work.

Another thing that was strange is the dates are wrong on the second one. So here are the numbers from the two receipts minus his acct number:

receipt 1:

Thank you for choosing pilot ts #256

terminal # HY007028

sequence # 3739

Auth # 00837288

date/time 10/08/2015 14:15:03

business date 10/08/2015

trans = balance inquiry

ledger balance = 912.23


jln # 5945

receipt 2:

terminal # LK726740

seq # 1053

date/time 10/08/2015 23:11:27 (this was before midnight!)

business date 10/09/2015

ledger balance 299.54


jln # 1996