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PA $20 Holiday ticket disappointing this year for big wins

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November 1, 2015
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Posted: November 3, 2015, 3:12 pm - IP Logged

Hi everyone.  This is my first post.  I've followed this site for over a year and enjoy reading what everyone has to say.  I'm a statistics guy when it comes to playing "scratchers".  Unfortunately, I'm very disappointed in the Pennsylvania $20 Holiday Millionaire ticket.  Sorry to be so negative right out of the gate but I always look forward to this ticket...until now.  This might be of interest to players in PA. 

Here is why this year's ticket is disappointing.

Compared to 2014 the 2015 ticket:

  1. has 3 times MORE $40 winning tickets (80K-2014 vs. 240K-2015)
  2. has 2 times MORE $50 winning tickets (160K-2014 vs. 320K-2015)
  3. 9K LESS $250 winning tickets (29,120-2014 vs. 20,000-2015)
  4. Over 13K LESS $500 winning tickets (16,520-2014 vs. 3,200-2015)
  5. 2,200 LESS $1,000 winning tickets (4,400-2014 vs. 2,000-2015)
  6. 55 LESS $10K winning tickets (75-2014 vs. 20-2015)
  7. 5 less $100K winning tickets (15-2014 vs. 10-2015)

This all adds up to more winners in the $40 and $50 range but a much lower chance at winners over $250 and up.  Last year, playing around 15-20 tickets a week,  I had 1 $250 winner, 3 $500 winners and a bunch of $100 winners on the $20 Peppermint Payout.  This year, I won't even come close to the 4 bigger winning tickets given the $$ amount distribution.  I've already played about 15 times with only 4 $20 winners and nothing else. 

The only positive I can see about this year's game is there are twice as many $100 winners as 2014.  (80K-2014 vs 160K-2015).  This doesn't excite me to play as often.  A fairly good chance of winning $200 and up is what makes these $20 games worth playing IMHO. 

I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same way about this ticket?