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LUCK in out of the way places...

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Posted: January 23, 2016, 9:50 pm - IP Logged

I am posting this here because it is an odd phenomenon whether it be the Lottery or some random roadside casino.  I noticed with the Powerball that two 5 of 5 (without the powerball) were sold at the same little store on two consecutive draws.  They sold a 5 of 5, the jackpot rolled over and the very next draw another 5 of 5.

Mathematically speaking, you would think BIG lotto winning tickets would be sold in big populations, like LA or NY city, but am I the only one who notices these tiny little towns often sell a big winner?

I started going to out of the way independent mom and pop stores, rather than chains like 7-11 and Circle K.  I also notice that whether I am playing Keno or Slots, I often have great luck at some of the small out of the way tribal casinos.

So is there LUCK or some other phenomenon going on ...or am I imagining things?CheersWhat?

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