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The Lotter cancels sales of Oregon Megabucks

Topic closed. 17 replies. Last post 10 months ago by MaximumMillions.

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March 8, 2015
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Posted: February 19, 2016, 11:42 am - IP Logged

Just for fun I went through all the official lottery sites in US. It seems that these sites also are blocked from beeing accessed outside of US:

Nebraska Lottery

Rhode Island Lottery

I ask again, similar results from other european users?

Can't get on either, but I can access NY lottery.


And Kansas, Ohio and Florida work too.

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    United States
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    April 12, 2015
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    Posted: February 20, 2016, 12:08 am - IP Logged

    I wonder if it's directly connected with the legal questions raised about their online butler service after the Iraqi man won $6.4 m earlier in 2015? Anyone who knows more? 

    Link to story

    My spidey sense is tingling here.



    Looks like a possible scandal.  So they must have wanted to cut the cord.  You have a RNG game, programmed by a MUSL employee. (Red Flag #1)

    Tipton is RNG fraudster extraordinaire..  The number one reason why Todd has a petition to end RNG lottery.  FRAUD!!  (Kudos Todd on being proactive in

    regards to transparency.)

     So now you have a Iraqi National.  (Red Flag#2).  Any number of American war profiteer companies/mercenaries could get

    expedited nationalistic favor.  Lets say a Halliburton woman married some hot Iraqi. ( A guy who does mad sit-ups, just like me.)  So the hot Iraqi guy, by

    his association with fraudulent American Politicans and Businessmen and MUSL, (please note this is a conspiracy theory, since fraudulent Americans DO NOT

    exist.)  is able to "dowse" the winning numbers in Oregon of all places and purchase the winning ticket?  I mean Oregon? Is this something out of a Disney

    cartoon!!!  Who plays Oregon??

    Nobody in there right mind, thats who!  And then the Iraqi National can remain anonymous because its very Dangerous in Iraq?  Well its more dangerous then

    ever in Iraq, because of fraudulent politicians.  Lying about WMD, and wanting to stop terrorism? 

    I dont want to name names, but one name rhymes with HINDU KUSH!!!!

    Well 13 years later, after my patriotic fervor has waned, I dont like to hear about this ISIS crap!.  I was in a fervor about Al-Qeauda or however its spelled.

     What is Hindu Kush, some sort of UNTOUCHABLE?  Never mind the KUSH association with NAZI Germany. 

    I dont know, but perhaps we need a Congressional investigation?

    And then this JEB guy posts a photo of a Gun saying "America"?  What are we blatant murderers?

    Is it possible that AMERICA is really the GREAT SATAN? (American politicians, and corporations to be precise)

    This war mongering, hate filled, fear filled situation is not making me feelBETTER!!!!!!

    Maybe Trump can answer that question?






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      March 8, 2015
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      Posted: February 21, 2016, 6:45 pm - IP Logged

      Interesting, now I can't access Florida Lottery anymore.

      Very clandestine censorship.


      Edit: seems to be down in general http://www.isup.me/flalottery.com